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Women's Club

At the Women’s Club, women find a place of friendship and support, a place to discover spirituality and their unique heritage as Jews. Weekly Torah classes, seminars, inspiring events and courses help women develop their potential to live life with meaning and purpose, and imbue in their families the importance of Jewish life.

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Chacham Kids Club

Rearing a new generation of engaged, inspired, and educated children, knowledgeable and proud of their Jewish heritage.


Kids Klub Chacham is a learning place that is vibrant, engaging, and truly alive. With a unique focus on developing the child as a whole individual, children learn about their unique history and culture through art, science, and active play. It is the highlight of each child’s week!

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Kollel Nashim & Kids Club
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Teens Club

Teenage years are formative- they create the basis for a successful adult life.


The teen club at the Jewish Centre celebrates teens and their enthusiasm to explore life, offering an exciting program that both eases the challenges of this period while offering leadership training, opportunities for growth and unforgettable experiences of pure fun! 


Together, our teens discover their Jewish identity while helping others, building strong friendships and creating a bright future for themselves and the entire community.

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YJP Voronezh


A hub of young Jews coming together to grow, connect and build community. 


Recreational events, Shabbat dinners, lectures, discussion groups and trips for young jewish professionals and students.  Together, we are building a tight-knit community of proud Jews with a bright future.

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Teens Club & YJP

Golden Age Club

The Golden Age club is our promise to the most senior members of our community to do our best to celebrate them as individuals, hear and tell their stories, and bring them joy and fulfillment.


Whether it is through home visits, calls, holiday gifts, Torah learning or master classes, they continue to spread their light and wisdom to the entire community.

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Are you aged 19-29, curious about your Jewish heritage and identity with a love of travel and creating new experiences? Would you like to connect with a group of like minded youth devoted to self growth and creating a successful future for themselves?


Eurostars is a weekly study program culminating in a yearly trip to destinations all over the world. Participants need to show proof of Judaism.

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Seniors Club & Euro Stars

Jewish Holidays

After over 70 years of hiding and persecution, each Jewish holiday in Voronezh is celebrated with incredibly heartfelt joy.


Whether it’s a grand Purim Party, communal Seder, Shofar blowing ceremony or Menorah lighting, the warmth and excitement felt as the community joins as one is contagious.


Scroll through our photographs throughout the years to see the many ground breaking events that changed the course of Jewish life in Voronezh, from a shattered and fear driven community, to the vibrant, proud and growing one of today.

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Camp Gan Israel

Every summer, every Jewish child in Voronezh awaits to take part in the full, fun packed days of Gan Yisroel. Immersed in a Jewish atmosphere, where every child feels cared and loved, this is the place memories are created for a lifetime. 


Through the adrenalin rush of amusement parks and outdoor survival skills, through swimming, laser tag and boating, from art to wood-crafting and cooking, children discover the beauty of Judaism in the most exciting and adventurous way.


Long after each summer the memories remain, and so does the inspiration to continue to learn and discover what it means to be a proud Jew.

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Holidays & Camp
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