The Need:

Every person has a unique story, culture and identity.
Every person has the need to feel validated, respected, and cared for.

How would you feel if you didn't know who you were? Where you come from?
If you had no place where you felt you were wanted or belonged?

Being surrounded by a warm community where you feel at home, that celebrates your history and understands your language, is a basic need for all humans.

Jews living in Voronezh, Russia were long searching for that place.

For half a century under the Soviet Union, Judaism was something to hide, something that alienated them from their peers, something to be afraid of.

Yet, as Jews, they have a rich history, culture and collective memory.

The Solution:

The Jewish Culture Centre of Voronezh is a place where Jews come to find themselves. A place where they can grow as individuals, strengthened by their heritage that connects them to Jews all over the world.

As a Jewish community, we feel a responsibility to give back to the community we live in.

The Jewish Culture Centre seeks ways to support growth in areas that need development in the Voronezh Region of Russia. We are interested in advancing the medical system, recycling and environment, helping with poverty, and advocating for children with special needs.